Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore Created a history by arranging 501 marriages

By orgainizing joint free wedding service of 501 couples Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore Sir has highlighted Rathore samaj in the nation as well as has come in concentrate in the field of social administration. This was the first occasion when that a joint free wedding function had occurred on such a tremendous scale. Through this service Mr. Rathore spread the message that everybody lives for himself or herself however the genuine satisfaction is in the living by helping the general public. That capacity was huge to the point that words are less to portray it. Mr. Rathore Sir additionally offered guidelines to his social laborer group to take individual consideration of the relatives of every spouse & husband. The entire capacity was exceptionally decently sorted out. I give million congrats to Mr. Rathore Sir for this capacity and his grand exertion. Thanks to Mr Santoshi Lal Rathore

Santoshi Lal Rathore

The Joint Free Wedding Ceremony organized by Mr. Rathore Sir is similar to a big holy event.

The Joint Free Wedding Ceremony organized by Santoshi Lal Rathore KMJ gorup is similar to a big holy event whose fragrance has created a new wave of energy in the society and has also made efforts to get rid of many conservative social rituals and beliefs like dowry system, wastage of money, etc. I want to give heartiest greetings to Mr. Rathore Sir on his achievement of this great task.

  • Virendra Rathore, Morena, M.P.

Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore has sent a social message to the society

Mr. Rathore Sir has done a very holy work by organizing an ideal free joint wedding ceremony and arranged the marriage of 501 poor girls. He has also spread the message that it is time to control the growing system of dowry, wastage of money, conservative beliefs and show-offs in the traditional family weddings and society should accept joint wedding ceremony. The joint wedding ceremony organized by Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore Sir is historical and incredible. The message of this ideal joint wedding ceremony that he has spread across the society should be followed.

  • Gopaldas Singh, Jabalpur

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Rathore sir makes a great beginning of taking the Rathore Samaj to its peak.

Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore Sir, belonging to the holy land of Galab Rishi, Gwalior, has made a new beginning of taking the Rathore Samaj to its peak and this is a very great task. He has presented wonderful examples of social services by arranging free wedding ceremony of 501 girls, providing help to physically challenged and deaf people, distributing free copies and books among students. He has also won many awards on the basis of his social services and work efficiency and has made the society proud of him. I give million congratulations to Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore sir for these achievements.

  • Dharmveer Rathore, Gwalior

Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore gives new direction to the society.

When I heard Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore Sir’s speech in a social function, a new wave of enthusiasm ran through my heart. It was not only a speech but also a voice coming straight from his heart and by hearing it I felt that now the time has come to do something for the society. It is time to work together for the progress of the society. Rathore Sir’s words were magical and a new energy is felt within me ven today when his words are recalled. In his speech he said to the members present there that if they are willing to vision a new dream for the social welfare will not go useless. These steps will progress further and will achieve newer achievements. He said that change is natural rule of the society. If morning occurs then evening also comes. I f day arises then night also falls. Development cannot be done without any change. If we want the society’s progress then we should never be afraid of changes and we should make positive progress by discarding the drawbacks of the society. I had such strong effect of these words that now I raise my voice against any drawbacks of the society that I see happening till today.

  • Ramesh Kumar Rathore, Faridabad, U.P.

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Mr. Rathore Sir has built my son’s career

If Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore had not help then my son could not have completed his M.B.A. I am an electrician by profession. My salary is just enough to run the daily necessities of my household. In these circumstances I could never have dream of educating my son for a M.B.A course and play such expensive fees. But my son, Vivek had deep desire to pursue M.B.A. I tried to give him advice several times but he did not listen to me. Then one I took my son to a camp where Mr. Rathore sir was giving awards to extraordinary intelligent students. After the award function when I requested Mr. Rathore sir to kindly guide my son, Sir told my son that he will help you bit on the condition that your rank will be among top 5 students of your batch. Today Mr Santoshi Lal Rathore grace my son has completed his M.B.A with excellent marks and he is working in a very reputed organization. Both my son and I know the if Mr. Rathore sir had not help my son then perhaps my son would not have been an M.B.A today. Many time salutations at the feet of Rathore Sir.

–          Prakash singh Tomar, Bhind, M.P

Social worker and a real helping personality – Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore

Mr. Santoshi Lal Rathore is an honest social worker. Like a devoted social worker he is always eager to help the needful. He also helps the financially weak people by all means. He Considers other’s work as his own & no one returns from his door without fulfilling his hope. His thoughts in social services are worth to be followed. He gets soulful peace by helping others: this is itself his greatness as a human being. Many time salutations to Mr. Rathore Sir for his devotion to the society.